TRAVEL: C&O CANAL–Swains Lockhouse 21 History & renovation

Head down to the C&O Canal’s Lock 21 with me and discover who Jimmy the Goose was, why a Supreme Court justice was gifting outhouses, and how to protect history when it’s built on the banks of a mighty river.

Explore my freelance blog assignment for the Canal Trust organization to document the history and renovation of C&O Canal Lockhouse 21, known as Swains. My posts explored the fascinating history of the Canal, the Lockhouse, and the Swains family who called it home.

C&O Canal Swains Lockhouse 21 is charming and chock full of compelling history. (Image: C&O Canal Trust)

The Intertwined History of Lockhouse 21 and the Swains Family

Protecting the Past

Changes at Swains

Fighting Floods at Swains

Sunset on the Potomac illuminates Robert Swain’s belief, “A man who wants to get away from noise and everything can get up on this river and find peace.”

The Renovation Process and Progress

A Look at the Rehab Work at Swains Lockhouse

Protecting the Past in the Face of Floods

Furnishing Lockhouse 21

Canal Quartermasters’ Perspectives

C&O Canal Lockhouse 21’s furnishings invite exploration and discovery for Canal Quarters guests.

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