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Enjoy fab flavors, explore cool places, and savor learning with this funky prof!

This is the second in a 3 part series about our family road trip north to visit with family and experience a little bit of our northern neighbor, Canada. The last post explored Niagara Falls and the future post will cover Montreal and Quebec City.

Canada flag Taste Travel Teach Christine Rai
Canada: a beautiful, fun, and friendly place. (Image: Wikipedia)


From the moment we set eyes on Toronto, we loved it. My Facebook post from the day read, “So clean! So diverse! So cool!” And indeed, Toronto is all of those things–a major city that you feel at home in with endless opportunities for engagement and exploration.

Toronto Christine Rai Teach Travel Taste
Our time in Toronto was a fab time in a fab city with family.

Since I love food, St. Lawrence Market was a must for me. The Market has been serving Toronto since 1803 and was highlighted as a top food market in the world by National Geographic. And since Anthony Bourdain paid it a visit you know it’s legit (RIP, dear chef). We tried the pea meal bacon sandwich, a local speciality from Carousel Bakery. Our family’s vegan found a raw, plant-based option for lunch. The Market has all kinds of food options and is also a great spot to people watch.

Toronto St. Lawrence Market  Christine Rai Teach Travel Taste
Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market was historic and vibrant.

We love museums and the Royal Ontario Museum is phenomenal. It is one of the largest museums in North America and the largest in Canada. Enjoy exploring its collections of art, world culture, and natural history. If you have children with you, the ROM encourages its young visitors to explore and learn about the world with appealing exhibits that invite discovery and pique curiosity.

Toronto Royal Ontario Museum Christine Rai Teach Travel Taste
Mega fauna and mega fun for the kids at Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum.

The current exhibitions focused on futuristic designer Iris Van Herpen’s “Transforming Fashion” and architect Phillip Beasley’s interactive installations “Transforming Space”. (My niece and I were so inspired by this special exhibition, we both vowed to renew our art practices, and almost a year later, I graduated with my A.A. in Art. Thanks, HV!) One visit to the ROM simply isn’t enough, and when we return to Toronto, we will be sure to return.

Toronto Royal Ontario Museum Christine Rai Teach Travel Taste
Exhibits at Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum range from the prehistoric to the futuristic.

Walking from the ROM to dinner, we stopped at the University of Toronto’s Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, just in time before it closed. Libraries may not be a popular tourist destination but can be a fascinating stop and provide insight into the place you are visiting. We drank in the funky, retro space and peered at some exhibit materials before continuing on.

Toronto Fisher Rare Book Library Christine Rai Teach Travel Taste
Retro architecture and rare books at the University of Toronto Fisher Rare Book Library.

After a family dinner, I headed back to the hotel room and my husband and two daughters enjoyed a Toronto Blue Jays game. I got some needed sleep and they had a fabulous time at the game–what a wonderful end to our day in Toronto!

Toronto Blue Jays Christine Rai Teach Travel Taste
I don’t know who won the game, but a sporting evening out for them and an early bedtime for me was a win-win.

Thank you, Ontario, for the memories–we had a wonderful time and will definitely return when we have more time to explore your endless offerings.

Thank you for reading Part Two of my 3 part series on our Canadian adventure.

Have you been to Toronto before? What would you like to do on a future visit? Please share in a comment.

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Taste Travel Teach Christine Rai
Enjoy fab flavors, explore cool places, and savor learning with this funky prof!

(PS: In the interest of giving due credit, I couldn’t caption the featured image–it’s from The Asian Connections Newspaper.)

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