Taste: Beet & Potato Salad Gribiche

Beet & potato salad Gribiche: A side or main dish option for your Meatless Monday rotation–suitable for a side or an entree. … More Taste: Beet & Potato Salad Gribiche


Taste: Herby Chickpeas

A Meatless Monday (or pizza Friday) option… Is life crazy? Are you feeling lazy? (For me, at certain times of the semester, yes to both.) Luckily, this herby garbanzo recipe is enjoyed by everyone in the family, tastes really fresh, and comes together in a snap. Enjoy these herby and lemony legumes as a side … More Taste: Herby Chickpeas

Taste: Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Arugula Salad

More Meatless Monday deliciousness… Poor brussels sprouts; relegated to the realms of despised vegetables that deserve a second chance. If the mention of them has you wrinkling up your nose, this recipe bears no resemblance to the mushy, farty orbs you are probably thinking of. On behalf of underdog vegetables everywhere, I implore you to … More Taste: Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Arugula Salad