Travel: KPC Buddhist Temple, Garuda Aviary, & peace park

Week Six #explorethereserve: KPC Buddhist Temple, Garuda aviary, & Trails

Welcome to #explorethereserve week six! This week we focus on a taste of Tibet tucked away in Montgomery County’s Agricultural Reserve at the KPC Buddhist Temple, Garuda Aviary, and Peace Park. Open to all people, explore this rich culture, appreciate the bird rescue, and enjoy the lovely hiking trails in the Peace Park.

No passport necessary: KPC is the Ag Reserve’s taste of Tibet.

What is #explorethereserve?

This community outreach project highlights weekly locations with ideas for getting off screens and heading outside to improve mental and physical health, explore our corner of MoCo, and provide inspiration for COVID-safe adventures in and near the Ag Reserve. 

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KPC Buddhist Temple & Grounds

From River Road, turn into KPC’s driveway lined with colorful prayer flags and follow the signs to the visitors parking lot. Though the Temple is closed at this time for COVID safety, please be sure to wear a mask when on the temple grounds or Peace Park–masks are available for those who need one. The features on this side of River Road are more accessible than the Peace Park, which is entered via a set of tall stairs. There is a single portapotty (not ADA-compliant) by the visitors parking lot.

I suggest you begin by exploring the temple grounds, making a loop around the main building. Maps are posted and you can pick up a hard copy for yourself on the front porch of the temple.

This table of materials on the Temple porch is a good starting point for first-time visitors.

The Temple grounds are a beautiful and serene spot to spend some time and relax. Explore the large Englightenment Stupa, two smaller stupas along the rear treeline, the Amitabha and Quan Yin gardens, prayer wheels, and the Lady Liberty water garden. As you wander, take some time to read about these features on posted signage and have a seat on a nearby bench if you feel drawn to a particular spot.

The KPC Temple grounds are an engaging place for the senses. One of my visits was on a windy day and the air was filled with the sweet smokiness of incense, the resonance of wind chimes, and crisp flapping of the many colorful prayer flags, punctuated with an occasional rooster crow. It also seems to be a favorite spot of birds, with a high-traffic feeding station, many soaring overhead, and even a stray chicken pecking and scratching. There are many tall trees on the property and it backs up to McKee-Beshers Wildlife Management Area, so it feels like a piece of Tibet plopped down in the wild parts of the Ag Reserve. (And somewhere on the property is the Montgomery County Champion Mimosa tree.)

Even with the Temple closed for COVID safety, there is a lot to explore on the grounds.

Garuda Aviary

Garuda Aviary is located on the KPC Temple grounds and is a rescue and sanctuary for parrots who have been neglected, abused, or abandoned. Their mission is to care for these birds, educate the public about challenges in keeping them as pets, and spread awareness of the harmful exotic bird trade. The Aviary has posted signage indicating whether open or closed on a side driveway to the left of the Temple building.

Learn more about and support these beautiful birds (Image: Garuda Aviary).

On designated days from 1:00pm-5:00pm, weather permitting, you can visit the Garuda flock enjoying their outdoor flight cage and misting sessions. It is a wonderful experience to see these beautiful birds squawking and flapping with delight. Each of these birds has a distinct personality and some have incredibly tragic stories of how they came to Garuda, including being found in a dumpster (!!!).

Garuda Aviary’s outdoor flight cage is a delight to visit (Image: Garuda Aviary).

Click here for more information and to contact the Aviary to confirm their open/closed status.

KPC Peace Park Trails

The KPC Peace Park is a 65 acre network of interlinked trails that lead to 5 color-themed gardens and 2 Stupa parks. This park is a community resource, open to all to enjoy. Some trails are better maintained than others, so wear comfortable and water-resistant footwear and take care when visiting during tick season. Enter the Peace Park by crossing River Road (be careful–cars often drive very fast!) and taking the wooden stairs up to the entrance.

KPC’s Peace Park is a haven for wildlife and a place of peace and contemplation for all.

There is a large informational display here, including a map of the trails and various gardens. Once on them, the trails are not especially well marked, so you may like to snap a photo of the map if you did not pick up a hard copy from the Temple porch.

Orient yourself to the Peace Park at this display.

The Peace Park trails wind through the forest, down gullies, up hills, and cross streams. This is a place of serenity and solace, no matter your personal spiritual or religious beliefs. Each of the color-themed gardens has a special significance to Tibetan Buddhism. At these small gardens, you will find various spiritual objects, such as prayer flags, prayer wheels, and crystals.

The Peace Park is ideal for a long walk down its trails or a short visit to any of its Stupas and gardens.

The Long Life Stupa Park and Migyur Dorje Stupa are the largest features in the Peace Park. On one of my visits, I felt drawn to the beauty of the Migyur Dorje Stupa space. I leaned against a cedar tree under a resonant set of wind chimes. The strength of the tree against my back, I observed clouds racing above me, the whoosh of the wind in the trees, and the creaking and clacking of tree limbs coming together in the air above me.

I encountered this small friend going for a walk on a chilly day.

Montgomery County’s Ag Reserve is full of treasures, some of them, like KPC are surprising. COVID may put a damper on our international travel plans, but it’s also given us an invitation to slow down, look closely, and savor the gems close to home.

OPTIONS & IDEAS FOR WEEK six #EXPLORETHERESERVE: KPC Buddhist Temple, Garuda aviary, & Peace Park

  • You may like to visit KPC’s website before your visit to find out more about their traditions and beliefs
  • Enjoy a prayer, meditation, Tai Chi, or Qi Gong session
  • Explore each trail and feature in the Peace Park and Temple grounds
  • Visit the Garuda Aviary outdoor flight cage (remember to confirm open status first)
  • Bring a sketchbook or journal to record your experiences
  • Forest bathing in the Peace Park
  • Cloud gazing
  • Bird watching–you may see a wide variety of species since KPC is adjacent to McKee-Beshers
  • Observe native plants and animals
  • Consider volunteering or making a donation to help maintain the Peace Park trails and gardens (And award students SSL hours for their help!)
  • Consider volunteering, making a donation, or sponsoring a bird to support Garuda Aviary’s work



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While you’re out and about, help support local businesses by stopping in for a snack or meal. Please check operating days and hours via business websites and social media. Many of these are small, family-run operations with funky opening hours/days. I recommend:

Rocklands Farm is a beautiful historic farm in the Ag Reserve.


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Thanks for reading and taking part in #explorethereserve. I hope you enjoyed learning, exploring, and discovering more about Montgomery County’s Ag Reserve. See you next Wednesday for a new adventure!

The jewel of Montgomery County (Image: Montgomery Countryside Alliance).


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