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UPDATE: We’ve launched our project to collect mysterious folklore and legends from the Ag Reserve for a future book. Click here to join our FB group, Mysteries and Legends of the Ag Reserve, complete our survey of spooky local spots, or email us directly with your story at (7/29/2021)

Week One #explorethereserve: Haunted Poolesville 

Here in Montgomery County’s Agricultural Reserve, it’s feeling like fall. Colorful leaves are scattered on the ground, the nights are cold and crisp, and cornstalks rattle in the wind. On the farms, the summer crops are long gone, replaced by baled hay, apples, and pumpkins. Fields and forests are busy with wildlife preparing for the coming winter and the skies dotted with migrating birds.

Savor the season at Farm at Home Produce.

Welcome to the kickoff of #explorethereserve! This community project will highlight weekly locations with ideas for getting off screens and heading outside to improve mental and physical health, explore our corner of MoCo, and provide inspiration for COVID-safe adventures in and near the Ag Reserve. 

Click here to learn more about this #explorethereserve project, the Agricultural Reserve, and tips for safety and comfort. Check out other #explorethereserve adventures linked at the bottom of this post.

According to many Poolesville area residents, the former owner of Poolesville Golf Course has never left.

Week one of #explorethereserve is Halloween week, so let’s explore some of the spookier corners of the Ag Reserve with the Haunted Poolesville podcast. The Ag Reserve is full of rich history, echoes of the lives who once called it home and it would seem some residents never left….

This photo taken outside of Poolesville at a local farm shows a mysterious figure in the treeline (Image: D.J.).

Get started on week one of #explorethereserve by clicking here to access a resource PDF, the podcast link, and directions for enjoying:

Histories and mysteries await you in week one of #explorethereserve.

Options & Ideas for #explore the reserve, Haunted Poolesville:

  • Print the resource PDF, download the podcast to your device and listen as a driving tour
  • Stop the car (at the sites that are not private property) and get out to immerse yourself and have a closer look. What do you notice about the architecture, the surrounding nature, and yourself? Do you feel any spooky vibes?
  • When your tour is finished, find a local picnic spot (like Whites Ferry or Whalen Commons) and share your impressions and experiences over snacks.
  • Bring a journal or sketchbook and document your experiences
  • Listen in the comfort of your own home
  • Host your own spooky storytelling session with friends and family via Zoom or maybe around a fire pit
  • Dig deeper by exploring the haunted and local history resources listed in the section below

Dig deeper into local history and mysteries:


Great book on local haunted history (Image: Good Reads).

(AFFILIATE MARKETING NOTICE: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. If you purchase a book from any of the links above, I will earn a small commission fee.)

Websites and Organizations

The Historic Medley District preserves and promotes local history (Image: Historic Medley District).

Digital Publications

Each issue of Plenty magazine celebrates the Ag Reserve.

Support Local Businesses

While you’re out and about, help support local businesses by stopping in for a snack or meal. Please check websites before visiting for days/hours of operation. I recommend:

Homestead Farm For local produce and pick your own fun (seasonal)

Locals Farm Market & Cafe Bakery, cafe, and local produce

Mexican Grill Best Mexican food in MoCo

Rocklands Farm Historic farm and great picnic spot

Whites Ferry Grill Hearty sandwiches on the Potomac

Windridge Vineyards Vino with a view and weekend food trucks

Enjoy delicious baked goods and tasty drinks in a historic setting at Locals.

Let’s keep exploring!

New adventures will be posted each Wednesday morning here and linked via the Taste Travel Teach FB page.

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Thanks for reading and taking part in #explorethereserve. I hope you enjoyed learning, exploring, and discovering more about Montgomery County’s Ag Reserve. See you next Wednesday for a new adventure!

The jewel of Montgomery County (Image: Montgomery Countryside Alliance).


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      Absolutely–people can learn more by going to the resources I listed. The In Search of Ghosts book is the best, in my opinion.I also normally do haunted history walking tours every year for my local historical society–hopefully you can join me once COVID settles down. 🙂

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