Taste: Watershed Cafe

What better way to celebrate and support Montgomery County’s Agricultural Reserve than with a farm to table cafe? Sited in Poolesville among the rolling hills and open fields of the Ag Reserve, Watershed Cafe offers tasty, seasonal fare prepared from scratch. Come to Watershed for fresh food and tasty drinks prepared with care in a … More Taste: Watershed Cafe

Taste: Inferno Pizzeria Napoletana

Inferno Pizzeria Napoletana has been crafting high quality food from their carefully curated menu for upper Montgomery County since 2015. Chef-owner Tony Conte’s bona fides are incredible–so his move from fine dining to a shopping center in Darnestown is quite the leap and one I’m grateful for. In fact, Chef Conte is a nominee for … More Taste: Inferno Pizzeria Napoletana

Taste: An Evening with Jacques Pepin

As a child growing up in the cable TV-free wilds of Woodsboro, Maryland, we relied on our rooftop antennae to beam in our (very limited) entertainment. A favorite channel was PBS and many of my childhood television memories include their heavy hitters like Rick Steves, Wild America, Yan Can Cook, and Bob Ross. And at … More Taste: An Evening with Jacques Pepin

Teach: An Ecstasy of French Cheeses

Moi? J’aime le France France is powerful both as a notion and an international cultural force. Mention France and you’re sure to get some sort of visceral reaction from Americans, whether it’s delight or disdain. I fall into the former camp; for me, France is my happy place. I adore the food, architecture, etiquette, and … More Teach: An Ecstasy of French Cheeses

Taste: Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Arugula Salad

More Meatless Monday deliciousness… Poor brussels sprouts; relegated to the realms of despised vegetables that deserve a second chance. If the mention of them has you wrinkling up your nose, this recipe bears no resemblance to the mushy, farty orbs you are probably thinking of. On behalf of underdog vegetables everywhere, I implore you to … More Taste: Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Arugula Salad

Taste: Goat Cheese & Basil Potatoes

Meatless Monday deliciousness awaits…. Imagine the savoriness of crispy potatoes and warm goat cheese balanced with the soft sweetness of tomatoes and balsamic vinegar accented with fresh basil. This recipe is quick, easy, and affordable and can be served rustic-style or presented in a more refined plating. You can also easily adapt it to be … More Taste: Goat Cheese & Basil Potatoes

Taste: Lavender Latte

Lavender is well known for its tantalizing scent and aromatherapy benefits. Research has documented its efficacy in reducing stress, improving insomnia, and more. Many of us probably have enjoyed the fragrance of a lavender candle, bath bomb, or essential oil at some point, but what about tasting lavender? Lavender is delicious in savory and sweet … More Taste: Lavender Latte